Monday, 4 May 2015


By Jacob Lewis-Fell

Ecco The Dolphin

Before PlayStation was a thing and Microsoft stuck to making computer software there was two game console companies to pledge your loyalty to. Nintendo and Sega. Picking which side you were on was a big deal and kids used to argue relentlessly in the playground as to which companies’ consoles were better. Nowadays Nintendo’s classic library of games are well known whilst Sega is less so (with the obvious exception of sonic the hedgehog). As someone who was a Sega fan boy back in the day this is upsetting. So seeing as though I’ve been asked to write a short review I’ve decided to pick one of my favourite games on the Mega Drive, Ecco The Dolphin.

Ecco The Dolphin was a 2D game where you played as a dolphin. Who doesn’t want to play as a dolphin? You could swim around, eat fish, do back flips out of the water and battle sharks. The plot was pure insanity. Basically dolphins have to protect the world from alien invaders. So next time you see a dolphin be sure to thank it for protecting the galactic peace.

It was one of those games that was not only fun to play but also puzzling, sometimes frustrating so. In order to progress the game you had to talk to other dolphins and whales who would give you clues as to what it was you were actually supposed to be doing, usually in the form of some obscure riddle. Trying to work out these riddles sometimes sees you just swimming around hoping to find something to interact with which can soon become tedious.

The game also had you perform some interesting acrobatic stunts in order to gain access to certain areas. This was always one of my favourite parts. The control is so fluid and I like being a dolphin. Again who doesn’t like being a dolphin? So if you fancy some 2D dolphin action then I recommend this game. Personally I’d say buy a mega drive if you haven’t got one already, or you can get the game on Nintendos Virtual console, XBLA and even there’s even a 3DS version out now.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


By Lauren 

Hey everyone! In our newsletter I want to bring to you the latest hints, tips, discussions and trends all on cosplay! Now I know I saw a lot of cosplayers at Majikkon 2015 and I had an amazing time during the masquerade but it's always led me to question, "How do people choose what to cosplay?!"

So the first cosplay article let's look at trends and why people cosplay! Now whether your into the comic, game or anime scene you will definitely have a favourite character or costume. I'm more of a gamer myself so I find myself wanting to cosplay from the new releases I play. But how do you choose with so many available options to you? I like to rank my choices for the year, see which are viable for me and see how many conventions I plan to go to. Do what works best for you. Sometimes you will have that one character you are just dying to do! Do your research and pick!

TIP: Be realistic with your options! If you don't think you will have enough money for the costume think about whether you want to earn a little money by doing chores or asking family members to help you!

There are plenty of trends that have already started this year. Now we are in May, many will be planning for conventions this year as well as next year including Majikkon! League of legends is still a very popular cosplay option, with lots of cosplayers choosing to do a skin rather than the original costume. I'm part of cosplay groups doing popstar skins, pool party skins as well as star guardian! Another interesting and cool trend in this year is Super heroes and Villains. Films such as the Avengers and last year's Captain America have inspired the many to take arms as their favourite badass. Don't let the costumes put you off! If you don't wish to make the costume you could always try your hand at designing your own. I've seen some great sketches at
alternative versions of Harley Quinn recently. Pick up a pad of paper, a pencil and start creating!

TIP: Good place to start with any cosplay is to see what others are doing! There are plenty of groups on social media. So start talking and get involved!

I love cosplaying with my friends but being by yourself is just as fun. Whatever you choose to do make sure you enjoy it and make friends with you can! Remember to join the Majikkon cosplay thread on our board for more discussions, hints and tips! See you next time readers!

Lauren xoxo
cosplay @ Majikkon


By Susan Broadbent

The 2015 Spring Anime Season is well on its way. We have Owari no Seraph, angry teenagers fighting Vampires in place of Titans, more beautifully animated bands with Hibike! Euphonium and romcoms like Ore Monogatari!! in our line up.

My personal favourite is The Heroic Legend of Arslan aka Arslan Senki, the story of 14 year-old Prince Arslan fighting to win his invaded kingdom of Pars back.

With the Akatsuki no Yona manga by Mizuho Kusanagi receiving an anime adaptation last October, it's easy to think Arslan Senki is just a shounen version of our red-haired heroine, Yona. However Arslan Senki already began in 1986 as a novel series written by Yoshiki Tanaka, an author known for his space epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes and other fantasy works.Although Arslan Senki already received a manga as well as an OVA adaptation in the 90’s, the novels were never translated into English.

Two decades on, Hiromu Arakawa of Fullmetal Alchemist fame is working on a new manga adaptation, finally making the full story accessible to through manga translations. The third volume published by Kodansha Comics is available in English from May 12 th. The Arslan Senki anime is based on this latest manga adaptation, including Arakawa’s character designs. I highly recommend it to people who are into fantasy adventure, exploring the concepts of slavery and religion, as well as the setting of ancient Persia.

However, Yona and Arslan are not the only heirs I support on their journey. I would like to introduce three more young royals you may not be familiar with, but whose story I feel is worth checking out:

Rudolph Gerhard Zeppelin III from “Zoids Chaotic Century”

 Whilst Prince Rudolph is very young, he is intelligent, caring and shows promise to be a good ruler of the Guylos Empire. Unfortunately his grandfather the emperor dies during the ongoing war with the Republic and a treacherous man is appointed as his regent. Rudolph is kidnapped and is saved by protagonists Van and Fiona. These two had set out on a journey to learn about Fiona’s mysterious past, but became entangled in the war. Airing in 1999, Chaotic Century is the first anime of the Zoids franchise, based on mechanised animals that can be piloted as war machines. Chaotic Century ends at episode 34, but is continued after a time skip as Guardian Force. Even if you are not a fan of the mecha genre, I would recommend Zoids CC for its naturally developing military storyline, exciting (early CG) action and well developed male and female characters.

Youko Nakajima from “Juuni Kokuki(The Twelve Kingdoms)

16 year-old Youko’s worries about her red hair, fitting in at school and reoccurring nightmares of monsters are eclipsed by greater problems when she is reluctantly transported into the realms of the Twelve Kingdoms. Youko is told she is the heiress to the throne of 2Kei and must grow as a person, facing demons and risking betrayal at every turn.
The anime based on the novels by Ono Fuyumi was released in 2002 and concludes in 45 episodes. I would recommend this anime to people who enjoy complex political fantasy, the calmer anime (that is to say there are some battle scenes) and realistic character development. Most notably Youko’s journey from insecure girl to confident queen is 
very rewarding.

Chagum from “Seirei no Moribito(Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit)

After falling into a river, Prince Chagum is thought to have been possessed by a malevolent water spirit. The only way to save the kingdom from harm now appears to be his death, however Chagum’s mother hires a bodyguard to take Chagum under her protection. Yes, enter Balsa, the spear-wielding female warrior who accepts the mission owing to her personal vow to save eight souls.

Based on Uehashi Nahoko’s fantasy novel, the 2007 anime adaptation features realistic character designs and solid animation in its 26 episodes. Admittedly Moribito is not a fast-paced watch, but it is an adventure worth going on to watch Chagum learn about life outside the sheltered palace and  discover the secret of the water spirit.

Friday, 1 May 2015


By Demelza ward, Streetpass Leeds social media

StreetPass Leeds is a Nintendo based community designed to cover the needs of Leeds based Nintendo fans! With regular events celebrating the latest and greatest Nintendo games, as well as trying to collect all those pesky puzzle pieces and complete the other StreetPass games, we can always be found enjoying some manner of Nintendo goodness. Our aim is to provide a nice place for Nintendo players to chat, and to let them find people playing the games they want to play and having organised events for over a year now we feel we do a pretty good job!

We’ll be hosting our next event at Tiger Tiger Leeds on the 7th of June where we’ll be hosting the second of our Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix, the winner of which gets to take part in our champions tournament at the end of the year. We’ll also be playing Splatoon for the very first time just over a week after release so it’s the perfect chance to come along and try out the game if you’re unsure on purchasing it. As ever we’ll be attempting to complete our StreetPass games, especially with the addition of StreetPass Fishing and StreetPass Zombie, as well as going on a retro rampage of one form or another. That’s without even mentioning that this event will be a joint event with Monster Hunter UK: Northern Hunter, Untie! Who will be coming along to offer some Monster Hunter goodness to Monster Hunter fans.